Why LG Inverter Compressor?


LG compressors are continuously evolving
group of high-precision machining and assembly technologies from accumulated techniques for generating sustainable world best compressor. Especially we are enabling to give our customers technical support in order to provide best performance compressor through design mechanism and produce key technology of compressor, inverter motor and drive that makes you to achieve optimized product. 


With the product quality and safety evaluation system that performs basic quality and safety evaluation for products at every production stage. Under the quality gate system, all our products undergo a safety check at each quality gate based on a checklist, preventing shipments of products with quality or safety issues. We also have achieved recognition our quality and sustainability from Europe, North America, China and Japan. 

Customer Support 

LG compressors promise to deliver a satisfaction level for all your business stage from research, development to the spec-in that exceeds our customers expectations, and strives to provide the highest value to our customers through a fast, accurate and differentiated service & solution as your business partner.